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Shifts in Temperatures and Roofing Systems

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As a homeowner, it’s critical to safeguard your roofing system at home from the elements. Here in South Texas, the weather can often change dramatically within a single day, especially around the fall months. If you suspect that your roofing system has been affected by swift and unpredictable shifts in temperature, then you should pay close attention to the situation A.S.A.P. That’s because speedy temperature swings can in some cases do a number on roofing systems.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is a term that refers to the situation that occurs any time the temperature of the air changes significantly in a short period of time. If air temperature at night is nothing like it was during the daytime, that can lead to problematic outcomes. Swift and severe temperature swings can do a number on any roofing system. They can lead to extensive harm that’s not easy to turn around, too. Temperatures that get higher and higher can affect the structure of any building. They can bring on the expansion of the roof, too. Temperatures that get lower, on the other hand, have the opposite reaction. That’s because they can bring on “shrinking.” Severe temperature shifts naturally lead to shrinking and expansion that are particularly severe as well.

Being exposed to the elements, roofing systems have to tolerate temperature shifts daily without any breaks. Temperature shifts gradually do a number on roofing systems. People can in many cases observe the consequences of these shifts, too. If you look at your roofing system and notice any joints splitting, temperatures woes could be the culprit. If you look at it and see any cracks rearing their ugly heads, the same thing applies. If you pick up on any flashings that are no longer close together, it may make the roofing system degrade in its entirety. It’s no shocker that repairing this situation isn’t exactly simple. It can be hard to do unless you have a roofing system that’s reflective. If you want to battle it out against harm that’s the result of temperature shifts, then you have to do your best to decrease the temperature of the surface of your roof. If you get a coating that’s part of the reflective roof category, it may be able to do the trick for you.

Ice Dams

Thermal shock isn’t in any sense the only headache that’s associated with roofing system temperature shifts. That’s because the emergence of unpleasant ice dams is yet another undesirable possibility. Ice dams are extremely persistent and detrimental issues during the winter season each year. They’re in many cases the consequence of inadequate roofing systems or attic ventilation practices. If you have an attic at home that’s always excessively warm, then ice dams may just become the bane of your existence. Note, too, that ice dam development can become a lot worse with a gutter system that doesn’t drain well at all. It can become a lot worse with a gutter system that has obstructions as well. If you fail to address an ice dam in a prompt manner, it can lead to significant roofing system harm. It can also significantly hurt drywall that’s inside, insulation, paint, and gutters. You may be able to keep these dams at bay by strengthening your home insulation and ventilation methods.

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