Winter Roof Damage identified by our Victoria roofing company

Identifying Winter Roof Damage
Tips from Your South Texas Roofing Experts

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Winter can be the hardest season for roofs because of heavy snow accumulation. Even roofs that are brand new can be susceptible to the damaging effects of Winter. How do you know when your roof is damaged from the Winter? Our South Texas roofing team has answers.

1. Water Leaks

One of the most common types of roof damage in the Winter is water damage. This happens when snow and ice begin to melt from the heat coming from inside of your house. The melted snow and ice becomes trapped on the roof and forms something called an ice dam. Since the water has no where to go, it goes into the roof which then cause interior water damage to form. This can also encourage the growth of mold which can be detrimental to you and your families health. Removing snow and ice from the roof yourself can be dangerous as falls can occur as well as damage to the roof itself.

2. Ice in Gutters

The build up of ice in gutters can cause damage to your roof, homes foundation, and to the gutters themselves. Ice build up stops the gutters from doing what they were made to do – redirect water from the roof onto the ground. Without your gutters directing the water, it can fall from your roof and cause ice to form on driveways and walkways as well as water damage to your houses foundation. Heavy ice can break your gutters and rip them from the roof so it is important to have ice removed from gutters to prevent damage from occurring. Removing ice from gutters is nearly impossible without damaging the gutters or the roof itself, so it is best to seek a professional to do it for you.

3. Skylight Problems

If snow or ice is on your skylight it will begin to melt from the heat from your home. This causes water to build and with heavy snow on top it has no where to go besides in. It is important to have your skylights cleared of snow and ice to prevent water damage from happening.

4. Existing Roof Problems

If you have an older roof then there is a chance you may already have damage. Snow and ice can cause loose roof shingles to fall off, and dislodge gutters that have not been updated in awhile. In some cases, heavy snow fall can even cause your roof to collapse causing very expensive damage to your home. To prevent this from happening be sure to have your roof inspected every three years to ensure the safety of your family and your home.

Hire a Professional South Texas Roofing Company

The Winter can be brutal and cause a lot of damage to your roof and gutters. The best way to protect yourself and your roof is to have heavy snow and ice removed by a professional to ensure that no damaged is caused by a snow storm. Hiring a professional Victoria roofing company to clean your roof can end up saving you thousands in water damage and roof damage.

If you do find any signs of damage to your roof due to winter weather, don’t hesitate to contact our expert South Texas roofing team at Cox Brothers roofing. We can take care of any roof repairs in Victoria or the greater South Texas area!

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