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If your South Texas roof is in need of repair, time is of the essence! While some issues might seem like they don’t pose an immediate threat, letting damage go unaddressed can cause bigger issues down the road. It is best to catch and fix these problems early, and this is also the cheapest way as well! If there is damage, like broken or cracked shingles, this opens the door for moisture to infiltrate your roof’s protective layer. Not only can this cause damaging mold and bacteria, but water damage can wreak havoc on the exterior, framework, and even the interior of your home. Fixing these minor damages before this happens is the best way to keep everything and everyone in your home safe.



    Cox Brothers Roofing is proud to offer a wide range of roofing repair services to the south Texas region! If you are in need of roofers in Victoria, Cuero, San Antonio, Goliad or the surrounding areas, Cox Brothers has you covered. At Cox Brothers Roofing, repairs is our bread and butter! In order to be prepared for whatever needs you might have, we offer a wide range of services. We pride ourselves on having the best team of qualified roofers, trained and ready to get your roof functioning at 100%. Whether you have a roof leak, broken shingles, or notice any sign of damage, Cox Brothers Roofing is the right choice for roofing repairs. If you have a question or need a quote, either fill out our online form or give us a call! We are ready to be your Victoria roofing contractors!

    Storm Damaged Shingles

    Damaged Shingles?

    Shingles work like outer armor for your roof and home, so it is important to keep an eye out for any damages that might occur. Damage might look like cracks, missing shingles, or, if you have the most commonly used asphalt shingles, missing granules. These issues are incredibly common and can be caused by a wide variety of issues like hail, heavy wind, falling tree branches, and more. Repairing damaged shingles soon after the damage occurs is the easiest and best way to save you money and keep your roof in proper working order! If you notice any damaged shingles on your roof, call Cox Brothers Roofing today for a quote!

    Professional roofers conduct an inspection.

    Get an Inspection

    Many things can cause your roof to need either minor or extensive repairs including weather damage, age, wear and tear, and more. Here are some of the most common instances when you should consider scheduling some roof repairs. Remember, taking care of these issues sooner, rather than later, could end up saving you significantly down the road!

    The best way to know exactly what shape your roof is in is by having a Cox Brothers Roofing team member do a thorough inspection. Ideally, a home will have at least a yearly inspection scheduled. This allows for a technician to detect any underlying issues your roof might have, even ones that are hard to catch when you are looking for them. If one of our professional roofers notices any potential problems, they will work with you to create the best plan to get it fixed. As the premier Victoria roofing company, our goal is to keep your roof working exactly how it should so that you can have the peace of the peace of mind you deserve living in the home you love. Schedule your inspection with Cox Brothers Roofing today!


    Notice the Damage

    Roof Leaking

    If you find a water leak or the evidence of one in your home like water marks, bubbled paint or wallpaper, or softened wood or drywall, you will want to get this fixed as soon as possible. While the leak could be coming somewhere other than your roof (like your plumbing), the roof is often the culprit. The most common cause of a roof leak is broken or missing shingles, the lack of or damaged flashings, or clogged gutters causing water build up. If you suspect you have a leak, you can try finding the source by following the water trail to the point of entry. It’s important to repair the damage causing the leak quickly because a leak is only going to get worse otherwise, and the longer water is seeping through, the more it is damaging every part of the home that it makes contact with. Not only does water cause damage to the wood framing, drywall, and paint, but the moisture is also a breeding ground for molds that are dangerous to your health.

    Sagging Roof Deck

    Depending on the architectural design of your roof, you might have several different pitches, slopes, or angles. It isn’t uncommon to even see designs such as a flat roof in Victoria. However, the general design will typically call for straight edges throughout. Sagging can be caused by a wide range of issues like water damage that has gone unaddressed long term, inadequate internal bracing, or other engineering flaws in the design or execution of construction. Regardless of the reason, a sagging roof deserves immediate attention. While minor sagging might not suggest imminent danger, the worse it is, the more difficult and expensive the repair can be. Not to mention, extreme sagging can be dangerous as the threat of collapsing is on the list of possibilities.

    Dark Roof Stains

    If you notice dark spots on the exterior of your roof, this is likely due to algae build up. This is especially common in regions with high humidity. This algae isn’t initially worrisome if addressed early on, however, keep in mind that moisture is a big factor in any kind of algae or mold, and long term exposure to moisture is very damaging for your roof.

    Exterior Light Showing Through

    If there is sunlight coming through your roof, Cox Brothers Roofing should be your next phone call! This indicates damage to your roof, and if sunlight can get through, so can a lot of other things. Your attic is the most likely place to see this kind of damage because it is directly beneath the roof structure, so if you suspect your roof is in need of repair, checking in your attic is a great place to start!

    Other Services & Home Improvements

    Roof Repair Deposit

    Roof Repair

    Sometimes, a leak or other roof problem is the result of a small, localized piece of roof damage. In these cases, a simple roof repair in Victoria TX by an experienced roofer will do the trick.
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    Professional roofers conduct an inspection.

    Roof Inspections

    Most roof damage is invisible from the ground, but accessing your roof can be a dangerous task. Leave the up-close inspection to our professional roofers who have the skills and technology for the job.
    Learn about roof inspections 

    Victoria roofing contractors are finishing up a roof repair job.

    Roof Replacements

    After a severe storm, or simply after years of small damage adding up, it can sometimes be necessary to replace your entire roof. Whether you need to replace a flat roof in Victoria or a shingle roof in Cuero, our team has the expertise to help you file an insurance claim and install a new roof that will last years to come.
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    Siding Image

    Siding Replacement

    Siding is an often-overlooked but important detail in a building’s curb appeal. Replace your aging, discolored siding with a fresh new installation that will reinvigorate your home or business.
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    Our Victoria roofing company can also install new gutters.

    Gutter Installation

    Properly fitted gutters are an important part of a roof’s longevity. Making sure your gutters are installed correctly ensures they divert water safely off of your roof without causing any damage over time.
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