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Here at Cox Brothers Roofing, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services. We have served Cuero, the greater San Antonio region, South Texas, and all the way to Victoria, and our experienced Cuero roofers and professional team members are equipped with the best up to date tools, ready to assist you with your roofing needs. If you have a question or need a quote, either fill out our online form or give us a call!


    Roof Inspections

    The best way to avoid developing major roofing issues is to have regularly scheduled inspections. Your roof is constantly working against the harsh Texas weather, and because of that, normal wear and tear can weaken the structure. Our trained roofers at Cox Brothers are ready to come inspect your roof in order to help you keep it in proper working order.  You do not want to leave your roof’s performance up to chance, so let Cox Brothers Roofing help give you the peace of mind that your home and family is protected by a fully functioning roof.

    Signs You Might Need an Inspection

    There are many reasons why you want to schedule a roofing inspection with Cox Brothers Roofing, but why wait until it is too late. Once one of these hints of damage is visible, you are already risking more extensive damage to develop. Don’t wait until you have a bigger problem on your hands, call Cox Brothers Roofing for an inspection today!


    If you notice a leak coming from your ceiling or on the wall inside of your home, you might have a serious roof leak. Protecting your house from outside water is one of the most important jobs for your roof, so if you notice a leak or water spots when it rains, call Cox Brothers Roofing to come inspect and repair your roof as soon as possible. Water let in by a roof leak can cause a world of damage for your home. Aside from being a host for bad algae and bacteria creating a hotbed for damaging mold, water also causes wood rot which can become a major issue for the structure of your home. In addition to damaging the structure and potentially your health, excessive water from leaks that have gone unchecked can also damage your personal belongings like art work on the walls and especially your items stored in an attic.


    Before you notice a water leak, you might notice a crack in the shingles on your roof. If you start to see cracks forming, call Cox Brothers Roofing and let us assess the situation for you. We can tell you what might be causing the damage (ie – either a recent storm or wear and tear over time), and we will offer you the best deal on repairs as well. You will not be disappointed with our team’s eye for detail and fine workmanship!

    Hail Storm

    As much as we love the great state of Texas, the weather she brings can be rough on our roofs. If there has been a recent hail storm, be aware of the signs for hail damage to your roof and let our team members at Cox Brother Roofing do a proper inspection. Even if the hail seems small, it can still do damage to your roof depending on the speed it is falling. Any hail larger than a half inch (roughly the size of a marble) is likely to do significant damage to your roof, siding, and even your gutters. The most obvious signs of hail damage look like either hail size dots on your roof or siding, graniels from your shingles missing, cracks, or bruises (darkened soft spots). If you suspect your roof has taken in hail damage, don’t hesitate to call Cox Brothers Roofing to set up an inspection today!

    Wind Storm

    While your roof is built to withstand the elements, heavy wind can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Typically, the damage starts by lifting the more vulnerable shingles on the edges of the roof, causing more and more shingles to be lifted by the wind. As the wind begins loosening your shingles, this leaves your roof open to water getting in, causing those damaging leaks to form. In addition to pulling back shingles, heavy winds can bring debri such as tree branches at high speeds causing damage to your roof on impact. If your roof has been damaged by recent heavy winds, let Cox Brothers Roofing give you an inspection and help you get your repairs done in a timely manner!


    Other Services & Home Improvements

    If your roof has sustained damage recently from a hail or wind storm, don’t wait until the damage worsens over time. Be aware that most insurance policies have a short statute of limitations, and your window for getting your damage covered might be smaller than you think. Don’t let these smaller issues turn into a catastrophic problem for your home. Let Cox Brothers Roofing help keep your roof working properly by scheduling an inspection today!

    Roof Repair Deposit

    Roof Repair

    Sometimes, a leak or other roof problem is the result of a small, localized piece of roof damage. In these cases, a simple roof repair job in Cuero, TX by an experienced roofer will do the trick.
    Learn about roof repairs  

    Professional roofers conduct an inspection.

    Roof Inspections

    Most roof damage is invisible from the ground, but accessing your roof can be a dangerous task. Leave the up-close inspection to our professional roofers who have the skills and technology for the job.
    Learn about roof inspections 

    Victoria roofing contractors are finishing up a roof repair job.

    Roof Replacements

    After a severe storm, or simply after years of small damage adding up, it can sometimes be necessary to replace your entire roof. Our team has the expertise to help you file an insurance claim and install a new roof that will last years to come.
    Learn about roof replacements 

    Siding Image

    Siding Replacement

    Siding is an often-overlooked but important detail in a building’s curb appeal. Replace your aging, discolored siding with a fresh new installation that will reinvigorate your home or business.
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    Our Victoria roofing company can also install new gutters.

    Gutter Installation

    Properly fitted gutters are an important part of a roof’s longevity. Making sure your gutters are installed correctly ensures they divert water safely off of your roof without causing any damage over time.
    Learn more about gutter installation 

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