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How Sunlight Affects Your Roof

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Your home is an important investment, and as such you want to protect every part of it, including an essential feature of your home: the roof. You know that severe weather can cause some noticeable damage to your roof, particularly heavy hail storms and gale-force winds, but did you know that if the weather is too beautiful it can also damage your roof? Here is everything you need to know about how direct sunlight can damage your roof.

Harmful UV Rays

When the materials that your roof is made from are exposed to the radiation of UV rays in direct sunlight, they can suffer faster deterioration and greater degradation. Even when your roof is shrouded in mist they pick up a little. Just as the UV rays are what is harmful to you, they are also damaging to your roofing materials. UV rays are invisible to our eyes, but you can protect against them by coating the shingles or tiles of your roof in an anti-UV ray filter. This is a brush on additive and is usually considered both an easy and cost-effective solution to a problem that affects us all.

Expanding and Contracting

A roof is an important part of your home not only because it gives you shelter from the elements, but also because it traps heat and keeps the indoor areas cool. This is great in the summer months, but as you get on toward the colder months of the winter, the prolonged alternating periods of freezing then reheating can cause your roof to contract and expand at a greater rate than was allowed for. This can cause severe damage to the infrastructure of your home, meaning costly repairs and maintenance fees. If you live in an area like Central Texas where temperature can change from one day to the next, talk to your local roofing expert for the best solutions in your area.

Bleached Colors

In addition to the problems that you can get to the structural integrity of your roof, sun damage also has an undesired bleaching effect on the materials used to craft it. When compared to the physical damage that direct sunlight and exposure to the radiation of UV rays can cause, it seems insignificant, but if you’re concerned about the aesthetic of your home, you also will want it to look a certain way. To give your home a well-maintained and cared for appearance, be sure to correct any damage you see the sun has caused.

What Can I Do?

It may seem like suffering some damage as a result of sunlight is inevitable, but with regular maintenance, you can catch an issue before it turns into something really big. Your issues with sunlight and the effect it has on your roof might run the gamut from a practical issue to a cosmetic one, but you should know that the sun can damage your roof, as well as how to protect against it. As with any other issue dealing with roofs, your best bet is to seek a professional roofer to help you out. They can offer an opinion on what the problem is, as well as work with you to figure out a lasting solution.

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