Ceramic vs Slate roof

Materials Commonly Used in Roofing – Slate, Ceramic Tile and Flat Roofs

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If you are looking to get a chance to change up your roof, designing a new home, or looking to get repairs after a storm, it is important to know the difference between the main types of roofs, and the basics behind making each choice. When it comes to different styles of roofs, and a lot of options to choose from, it is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of each style so you can make an informed decision.

Slate Shingles

One of the more common styles of roofs is slate shingles. Although comparatively similar to asphalt shingles, they differ in how they are laid out (laid flat for slate and stacked for asphalt commonly). Their effectiveness has led to their long history of use, stemming from the fact that well-maintained roofs with slate shingles can last decades longer than most other styles, oftentimes outlasting metal-style roofs. Slate itself is a type of tile used on roofing, made of a stone mixed with ash and clay. It doesn’t look artificial and can save money in the long run because of how rare having to install a new roof will be. Slate has become a better economic choice over time, especially with centuries of experience. Due to its durability as a material and the way in which the slate tiles are laid, it makes it less vulnerable to natural disasters.  They can actually resist hail very well, 3-4 inch hail can be resisted by slate roofs, and wind is not likely to damage it either. Although these roofs provide a level of security when it comes to how often you need to plan for roofing maintenance, they may have a large installation fee than other traditional roofing options. Despite the more expensive installation fees, slate shingles can last a century at times and tend to be a very reliable option.

Ceramic Tiles

Another similar style is tiling in general, laid the same way but without the slate stone. Ceramic tiles usually have more options stylistically but have a slight difference in durability. Ceramic roofing tiles specifically have been used even longer than slate, with connections to Indus River Valley civilizations millennia ago. It has been used in Ancient Greece, with Rome using a similar material laid slightly differently, in terracotta style, but at its core, it was still making use of ceramic tiles, specifically clay. Ceramic roofs are also fireproof since they are not made from wood or combustible materials. Although they might be less durable than slate, they still can last 50+ years.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are also an attractive option, they generally make use of wood, asphalt or metal, and are a common design in the midwest. Contrary to popular belief, flat roofs are not actually completely flat, as they need to allow for water to drain off to the side. These are common in rural homes and are used in certain types of aesthetics, especially in Americana homes, rancher homes, and types of Florida rooms. They are mainly used for businesses now however but do have applications beyond that.

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