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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

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Roofs are a part of the house that deteriorates over time. While you might have a quality roof that’s expected to last for years before wearing out under normal circumstances, roof damage might still occur as a result of an accident. If your roof fails, security and leakage may be an issue. It’s important to address roof damage as soon as possible, but different types of damage call for different actions. And while it’s cheaper to repair a roof than it is to replace one, repairs don’t always address a more severe underlying issue.

How do you tell which one your roof needs? Below are tips to determine the perfect choice to make if you find yourself in a situation where your roof is broken or damaged.

1. Time Constraints

Replacing a roof requires more time than it does to repair a roof. In a situation where you do not have much time, you can consider the repair option. Unfortunately, this might not work if you seek a more permanent solution, as some repair jobs are temporary solutions that will only buy you time for the replacement.

2. The Age of the Roof

Age is an important consideration since asphalt shingles’ lifespan is only fifteen to thirty years. If a shingle roof takes damage but is getting close to the end of its expected lifespan, then it is better to replace than to repair the roof. An old roof approaching twenty or more years is better replaced.

3. Cost

Repair and maintenance costs are a significant consideration for most homes. If money is an underlying factor, consult a roofing contractor on repair and replacement options. Remember also to weigh the two options yourself. There would be no need to have a repair option for a roof that will only hold for a short time, even if you are on a tight budget. You will instead be better off having the roof replaced if you don’t want to deal with further costs down the line.

4. Damage Extent

The extent refers to how far the damage spreads and the price of fixing it. If the damage is intense, it will cost a lot to resolve. Conversely, if the damage was caused by something like a tree branch and only affects a small portion of the roof, then the perfect solution is to have the roof repaired. Damages resulting from a more severe event like a storm are futile to repair. The best choice in cases like this is a replacement.

5. Layers of Shingles

If you are using shingles for your roof, two layers are perfect for most areas. Repair for such a roof can be cheaper than the whole process of replacement. If you must replace a roof with a double layer of shingles, it will cost you more to tear down the two layers.

6. History of Repair

Take the time to evaluate how many times and how often you have had your roof repaired in the past. A roof that keeps calling for repair has a problem, and the best way to solve the underlying problem is by replacing the roof. The reason behind the constant repairs could be the installer’s error, defective materials, or any other unidentified problem. Such a roof will only cost you money for no meaningful reason.

In conclusion, a roof repair is perfect for damage that only affects a small part of the roof, including missing or cracked shingles and fixing leaks. Repairs are easy and cheap. On the other hand, roof replacements refer to restoring a roof. It is recommended in cases where the damage affects large portions of the roofing system. The process may include additional costs and take much time, but it will result in a dependable roof for decades to come. If you’re looking for a roof repair in Victoria, TX, contact Cox Brothers Roofing for a free estimate.

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