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Why You Should Get Your Roof Inspected
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Getting your roof inspected is the first step to ensuring it will last for a long time. In fact, it is recommended that a roof inspection should take place two times each year. Ideally, a roof inspection should take place after winter and summer. Also, you can obtain an inspection as needed if there are any weather conditions that may warrant one. But, what are the specific reasons why a roof would need an inspection? We will answer this question so that you’ll know why you should get your roof inspected.

Excessive Aging and Weathering

With constant contact with the elements, a roof’s lifespan could easily get cut in half. So if a roof with a low-slope is expected to last for 30 years and the area is constantly stricken by major weather conditions then the lifespan could decrease tremendously. Plus, even if the roof ages without a lot of weather involved, many openings in the roof may start to appear which could allow moisture to enter the roof. With a roof inspection, you’ll be able to get to the source of the problem in order to make repairs as soon as possible.

Damage from Unrelated Maintenance

It is not uncommon for roof damage to occur from individuals who are simply performing HVAC or AC maintenance. The damage occurs mostly because the access panels are forgotten to be closed on a roof or containers of refrigerant and other types of debris are left behind. If the area you live in is constantly bombarded by high wind, then your roof could run the risk of having objects fly around to cause significant damage. You can easily include roof cleaning as part of your normal inspections.

Assess for Leaks

As soon as you notice a leak, you need to immediately schedule a roof inspection. But just because you notice a leak, you never know if there is an underlying problem that is much worse than just a leak. So, if you think about it, having a leak could be a blessing. This is because if you never had a leak, then an underlying problem would be able to continue its destructive nature by way of mold, corrosion, rotting, and many other possibilities.

Not just anybody can conduct an inspection to pinpoint a leak due to the unknown origin of the leak as it could be in a totally different area.

Generally, if your roof is a low slope then there will rarely be a case where a leak occurs in the roof’s center. Usually, a leak occurs in an area that is prone to problems such as flashings, expansion joints, and penetrations.

On the flip side, if a roof has severe deterioration, a leak may not even be visible if the leak runs over concrete and had migrated from the original source before finding an opening for the water to drip from. After a condition like this happens, the damage could be so extensive that the inspector may end up recommending a complete replacement of the roof.

Ensuring Drainage

Ensuring that a roof properly drains is an important aspect of roof inspections because it ensures that the roof is performing properly. If there is standing water on the roof, then you will have an increased risk for moisture to penetrate and cause leaks. Plus, getting rid of debris that accumulates on a roof will also eliminate the chance for standing water. So ensure that your roof is clear of debris as well as no clogs in the drain pipes and roof gutters.

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