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Keep Your Roof In Good Shape Year Round
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Your roof not only protects your house, but also everything in it. A small problem in your roof can lead to big water and mold damage being done to your possessions and your home’s structure. Take a little time to keep your roof in shape year round, and your roof will take good care of your house and your belongings.

Check the Chimney

Check the chimney’s mortar for damage once a year. Water and snow damage can cause the mortar to crumble over time. This can lead to leaks that run under your shingles. They can even eventually make the chimney collapse. If you notice crumbling mortar on your chimney, you need to call a professional to repair it before it seriously damages your roof.

Fix the Flashing

Inspect any flashing on your roof for signs of damage once a year, after the winter is over, as well as after any major storm. If the damage is minor, you can probably just reseal it. If the damage is severe enough, you will have to cut away the damaged section, replace it, and then seal it. Need a roof inspection?

Examine the Attic

Your attic is right under your roof, so it can show signs of roofing damage before you can see it on the outside. Periodically check it for mold, leaks, and damaged insulation. If you find any, you might be able to track it to the damage on the roof and repair it yourself. If you cannot find the damage, you might need to call in a roofer.

Replace Damaged Roof Tiles and Shingles

After the winter is over, and after every major storm, you should check for missing or damaged shingles and tiles on the roof. Replace them immediately. This applies to shingles that are curling up at the edges as well. Remember, if you replace the shingles yourself, you need to tar over the roofing nails after you drive them in.

Clear Away the Leaf Litter and Debris

Regularly clear away the leaf litter and debris that has accumulated in your gutter, around your skylights and vents, behind the chimney, and in roof valleys. Check these places often in the autumn, and after every very windy day. If you let the litter build up, water can back up under your shingles and tiles. Sticks and other debris can even damage them.

Trim the Tree Branches

Once a year, you should walk all the way around your house and look for large tree branches that hang over your roof. Trim any tree branches that are large enough to damage your roof if they fall. Remember, trimming large tree branches is usually something that is best left to the professionals.

The Takeaway

Taking good care of your roof is a good long term investment. You can prevent major roofing problems and house damage by catching roof problems while they are still minor.

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