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Your home is definitely the most prized physical possession if you’re a logical-minded individual. This is the place where you lay your head, spend quality time with your family and is the go-to dwelling for safety from the elements. Homeowners should do everything possible to keep their homes in good standings, and that requires home maintenance services. Now that the weather is cooling down, winterizing your roof can be a lifesaver to some degree. If you haven’t inspected your home’s roof earlier in the year, then you might be surprised during the winter. Compromised bolts, screws, shingles and flashing can cost you big money if they’re damaged. Here are some tips and tricks to better winterize your home’s roof.

What Can Be Done Initially To Lessen The Blow?

Your home is just like your car, and it must be maintained in order to function accordingly. If you neglect your home, then issues are sure to arise. One of the best things that you can do is to keep debris from accumulating on the roof. Debris can lead to roofing issues because it can block drains, which will lead to a ponding effect. Water is similar to gravity, and it will find its way back down and into your home. Since water is so heavy, it can cause parts of your roof to sag or collapse.

Other debris types like branches can puncture your home’s roof. If this happens, then rain water will definitely seep into your home, which can cause dangerous mold growth. Hire a certified roofing contractor to inspect your home’s roof. Yes, a simple eye test can spot superficial damage to your roof, but what about the damages that you can’t see? One of the best things to extend your home’s value is to hire a professional at least once per year to inspect the roof.

Easy Winterproof Actions For A Healthy Roof

If you live in a cold-weather climate that experiences plenty of snowfall, then you’ll definitely need to remove any snow pileup. Too much snow on a roof could cause major structural damage. The same thing goes for ice. Water in a blocked gutter can refreeze and crack the gutter. Always repair warped or peeled shingles to avoid water seepage. Water will always find its direction in a downward motion.

Spot treatments for your roof can be handled by a homeowner who has some “do-it-yourself” capability. If you’re low on funds, then you may need to purchase a temporary roof-repair kit for sealing leaks and plugging punctures. Check your attic’s ventilation because it provides a direct link to your roof. Make sure that the attic has proper ventilation and sufficient insulation. If your attic isn’t in a functioning condition, then ice dams can form on the roof over time.

Just with a few tips and tricks, your home’s value will remain intact. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”

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