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When To Get Your Roof Inspected

Spring is a great time of year to seriously consider if you should get a professional roof inspection. Is there a way to tell if your roof needs a thorough inspection right away? You might notice water stains on interior walls or ceilings that could be the beginning of a critical roof leak. Water damage from leaking roofs can be a breeding ground for mold and algae. Mold and algae removal can be long tedious, and expensive. Getting a quick roof inspection can help prevent this. You should also consider a roof inspection if your home has recently experienced any of the following:

Hail Damage

The majority of roofing systems designed today are built and engineered to withstand the most hazardous of elements the climate can bring. Even if the roofing shingles are able to withstand a hail resistance of grade 4, most roofing shingles could be damaged. Even in minor hail damage, wear and tear on the roof will be higher as time passes. That is why it is important for the homeowner to have the roof inspected and repairs done before the roof starts to leak.


Severe wind can cause permanent damage to your roof. By the sheer velocity of the wind, shingles on the edges of the roof can be lifted away from the roofing structure. This loosening of the shingles leaves your roofing structure subject to water leaks. The force of severe winds can also cause tree branches to hit your roof, causing major damage and water leaks.


Sometimes roofing shingles will develop cracks over time. If you do see cracks in shingles forming, it is imperative to find out the cause of the cracked shingles before serious leaks start happening, resulting in permanent water repair damage to the housing structure. A roof inspection that brings attention to a small issue such as cracked shingles could save you the cost of significant repairs later on if the issue isn’t detected.

The View From Inside

Check out the status of your roof from the inside of your attic. Seeing light shining through your ceiling? These large holes can cause damage to your home and the precious personal items you cherish. Notice dark spots or stains inside your attic? These are often caused by a severe water leak coming through your roof. Timely roof repairs to prevent permanent and expensive damage are needed.


Take a close inspection of all your housing records. Records of home improvement can be very beneficial when determining when your roof may need updates. Property purchase records can also be helpful in determining the age of your current roof. Average shingle roofs last 25 to 30 years. Metal roofs have lifespans as high as 70 years. These types of records can be most beneficial to the homeowner in determining their next roof inspection.


Steel roofs are known for their superior longevity over shingle-type roofing systems. However, even the best of steel roofs do not last forever and can be damaged like their shingle counterparts. If you are a homeowner with a steel, tin, or metal type roof, and upon inspection notice rust, loose nails, or any indications of leaks, your roof is most likely in need of a replacement.

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