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What to Expect During a Roof Replacement
Advice from a Victoria TX Roofing Company

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It never really seems to be a good time when you find yourself in need of home repairs, even the most minor ones. With our busy, jam packed schedules, something as big as a full roof replacement can feel really intimidating! However, the Boy Scouts said it best in their motto, “Be Prepared” – which applies to many facets of life including getting ready for big home repairs. 

Getting your roof replaced will not only protect you and your home from outside factors, but a new roof can boost your property value, which is always wise in this competitive market. If you are finding yourself in need of a full roof replacement, don’t fret! Following this guide on what to expect and how to prepare can help ease the anxiety of your home repair project and maybe even help you have a positive experience all together!


When it comes to any home repair project, you have to make certain time allowance for the various necessary steps that have to be taken before construction can even begin. Meaning, if you realize that you need a roof replacement, it probably won’t be completed or even started the following day or even week. Depending on many variables like location and job size, the entire process could take anywhere between 2-8 weeks. The following are all factors that will affect your general timeline:

Choosing Your Contractor – If you do not already have a reliable contact in mind, we recommend spending a little time researching your available options. If you need help finding a metal roofing company in Victoria TX, follow some of these tips on guiding your search in our previous blog post “How to Choose a San Antonio Roofing Company.”

Planning – Once you have chosen you roofing company, they will perform an inspection to determine exactly what the scope of work is for your specific roof. They should provide a detailed plan for the project along with a quote for the proposed project. 

Permits – It can be hard to determine the amount of time you need to allot to obtain permits for your roofing job because every city is different. Some areas don’t require any permitting for roof repairs, but many do for roof replacements. It’s important to always be in line with city standards, so check with your local building permit office to be sure. If a permit is required, getting it approved and issued could take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. 

Installation and Cleanup – After all necessary permits are acquired, your contractor will order the proper materials and begin work. Depending on the size and architecture style of your roof, this could take up to a week with an extra day for general location clean up and final walk through. 

How to Prepare your Home

There are many things you can do before the roofers show up that can help make the process easier for them and also give you a little piece of mind. You might be surprised at how many unnecessary obstacles are present even in the most simply laid out yard. Doing a little pre-planning will not only help the roofing crew be able to maneuver easier and more quickly on your property, but it will also guarantee that your belongings stay safely intact!  

Vehicles – Your roofing company will have a lot of equipment including a commercial sized garbage dumpster. These will likely need to be in your driveway and may be there for the duration of the project. Additionally, large supplier trucks will be delivering materials for the job. The night before the work begins, the wisest option will be to park any personal vehicles a safe distance away from where the work will be done to ensure your ability to freely come and go as you need. 

Even if you don’t plan on needing to move your vehicle, in order to avoid damaging debris from the construction, you will still want to park it away from where the work is being done. This includes your garage as well. While it might make sense to store your vehicle in your closed garage, many garages are not insulated, which will allow for various types of debris to fall through including nails, shingle granules, and more. These can cause unwanted dents or scratches on your vehicle, so it is best to leave it parked down or across the street. 

Lawn Ornaments – Any decorative lawn pieces that can be moved should be safely placed elsewhere for the duration of the work. This includes but is not limited to bird baths or feeders, wind chimes, potted plants, and more. These are generally fragile objects that a dropped wrench could easily bust, so moving them will ensure that your lawn will still be as beautifully decorated after your new roof is put in as it was before!

Patio/Lawn Furniture – Your construction crew will be moving about, oftentimes carrying pieces of equipment. Limiting as many obstacles as possible can help fend against accidents that could lead to property damage or injury. It is likely the crew will relocated furniture pieces, but if you are more comfortable handling it yourself and want to save them a little bit of labor time, doing this ahead of time is helpful. 

Mark Immovable Objects/Plants – There are some items that you want to protect that you simply can’t relocate, like plants or water sprinklers. If you have fragile flowers or plants in your lawn, you may want to cover them with netting or tarp in order to protect them from falling debris. Use brightly colored orange tape to help identify especially valuable or fragile plants or trees. Other items that can’t be moved and are fragile or potentially dangerous should also be marked. Marking sprinkler heads or any other embedded objects that could be tripped over can help avoid damage or injury as well.

Cut your Grass – If you have an overgrown lawn, or even tall grass, this could cause problems for your construction crew that is easily avoidable. It’s easier to locate fallen debris, tools, and other objects in short grass, so having your lawn cut down before work begins can be very helpful for you and your roofing company.

Be a Good Neighbor – Even though you are getting the right permits and permission to have the work done, it’s always wise to give your neighbors a heads up before the work begins. They may even want to move some of their own lawn ornaments depending on where their property line is. Giving them this courtesy and allowing them to prepare for and expect the disturbance will likely help your whole roof replacement process go a lot smoother!

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