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Tips For Preventing Roof Damage
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What’s a house without a healthy roof? Neglecting roof repair can shorten your roof’s life span considerably. Since installing a new roof can be quite costly, it makes sense to give your roof the TLC it needs. You can prolong the life of your roof by following a few simple tips. These are easy to follow and either free or inexpensive, especially compared with the cost of a major repair or complete replacement.

Inspect Your Roof Annually

Big problems grow from small ones. A regular thorough inspection of your roof will allow you to identify what can be fixed now, preventing more costly repairs down the road.

Ideally, you should inspect your roof before and after each storm season. If you are uncomfortable doing the inspection yourself, call a roofing expert to do the job. They have the expertise and the equipment to do it right, giving you peace of mind.
If you do decide to perform the inspection yourself, look for common warning sings. These include damaged or missing shingles, sagging, insect and animal activity, moss and algae, and leaks. These are all indicators of needed repair immediately.

Clean your Gutters and Downspouts

Nobody really enjoys cleaning out their gutters. It is messy, it can be gross, and you have to climb up and down a ladder numerous times. Yet it is also simple and free. It should be a part of your annual maintenance plan.

Mucky, clogged gutters slow the dispersion of water from the roof. This can lead to pooling, rotting wood, and mold growth.

Keep your Trees Trimmed

Trims can bring harm to your roof in several ways. They can drop leaves and needles, which clog gutters. They create shade that allows the further spread of moss and mold. Branches can rub against the roof, damaging or removing shingles. Even if your branches are not in direct contact with your roof, all it takes is a windy day or heavy rain saturation to bring the two into contact with each other.

Limbs can also break off during a storm. They also provide a bridge for critters to get on your roof where they can invade your chimney, get into walls and vents and make nests.

Keep your Roof Clean

Loose debris such as twigs and leaves create water pooling opportunities. Use a leaf rake or a broom with a telescoping handle to pull the material off the roof and sweep it away.

Never pressure wash your roof! The forceful pressure forces water underneath the shingles, allowing mold and algae to form. Pressure washing also removes the granules from the shingles that protect your home from water leaks. You can shorten the life of your roof by several years by making this common mistake.

Inspect Common Leaks

Flashing, seals and joints are the most common points of leakage. Make sure these are in good condition.

Paying attention to your roof, giving it a thorough examination at least once a year, these are the keys to extending the life and improving the health of your roof. But there is one more important step. After you identify a problem, act immediately to remedy the problem.

Find Professional Roof Repairs in Victoria TX

Even a well-maintained roof can sustain damage from an unexpected storm or simply from wind damage building up over time. Part of preventive roof maintenance is knowing when to call in roofing professionals to repair damage before it becomes worse. If you’re on the market for Victoria roofing companies, contact Cox Brothers Roofing today for roof repairs in Victoria and much more. We aim to be your go-to for roofing contractors in Victoria TX and all of south and southeast Texas!

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