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The Benefits of Rain Gutters
Tips from your Roofing Contractors in Victoria TX

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When you think about your roof and all of the different aspects of it, you might not be including your rain gutters. Though your gutters may not be a part of your actual roof structure, a properly installed and working gutter system is crucial in keeping your roof working the way it should along with protecting other parts of your home as well. In fact, the repercussions for not having quality gutters has become so apparent that many cities are beginning to require them for new residential construction jobs, which has not historically been the case. If you have not tended to your gutters lately, consider these benefits of a properly installed and maintained gutter system!

Protects Your Foundation

If you have ever need to repair foundation work on a home, then you know that it is both expensive and inconvenient. Depending on the type of foundation and the extent of the problems, it could cost several thousand dollars and could also cause a need for further repairs on other aspects like the plumbing and your roof as well. The water that a gutter system deters away from the ground near your home could cause serious shifts in your foundation, so any leaks or missing parts of a gutter system should be addressed asap. 

Prevents Flooding

In addition to your foundation, a build up of water could also cause other damage including basement flooding. If there are any cracks developing in the walls, the consistent presence of water can cause serious leaking that can lead to both water damage to the structure (framing, drywall, etc) as well as flooding depending on the extent of the leak. 

Deters Water Damage to Exterior

While your home is meant to withstand the outside elements to an extent, not having a quality gutter system puts your home at a disadvantage. While every part of your home will require some maintenance at some point, you can preserve its structural integrity as well as the appearance for a lot longer if you have a properly working gutter system. Without gutters, water that rolls off of your roof is left to drip down the side of your home, causing water damage to vinyl siding and stains to any brick or stone masonry. Instead, the gutters draw the water away to a designated location where it can drain through a downspout. 

Tips on Maintenance 

So, now that you know you should pay more attention to your gutters, you might be wondering what you should be focusing on. Here are a couple of key signs that you need a little work done on your gutter system. 

1. You don’t have a gutter system

This one is easy. If you don’t currently have a gutter system, you will need to start by having one installed.

2. Missing Hardware

If your gutter system has areas where the screws are missing or coming loose, you will want to get those replaced or tightened quickly. 

3. Clogged Gutters

The frequency you will need to clean out your gutters depends mostly on your specific situation. For instance, if you have several large trees that hang over or near your roof, your gutters will likely experience build up. You will want to keep your gutters clear of debris so that the water doesn’t build up. 

4. Leaks

If you notice any water leaking from your gutters, you will want to have that section repaired or replaced quickly. The whole point of your gutter system is to direct water to a specified location, so letting leaks go unchecked kind of defeats the purpose!

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