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Signs Your Siding Needs Replacing
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Nothing lasts forever. That includes the siding on your home. The weather plays a major role in why the siding will eventually start to deteriorate and need to get replaced. Start watching for the signs your siding needs replacing so you can handle the situation before it becomes troublesome for you and your home’s value.

Peeling Paint

The paint on your siding may start to peel over time. Peeling paint isn’t always a major problem since you can just paint over what was there before. However, if the paint continues to peel off frequently then you should consider replacing your siding with something more suitable. A vinyl siding that offers resistance to the sun may be your best bet if your home sits where the sun hits it head on and has little shade.

Loose Pieces

High winds and storm damage can cause the siding to come loose. Loose pieces may be able to be put back in place. If they get damaged in the process, though, then you’ll need to look at replacement options. You can replace individual boards if only a few have been broken but should look at full siding replacement if several have been compromised.

Rotting Boards

Wood siding can become rotted. Look for signs of rotting and replace these boards immediately so the damage does not spread. Sections that have become soft need to be replaced. If boards easily crumble or split when you tap them then this can be a sign of rot. You may even hear a hollow sound when tapping that indicates dry rot.

Mold Growth

Moisture may get trapped inside your siding. You might start to notice mold growth or things like algae and fungus developing. Use a mold and mildew cleaner to remove any visible growth spots. If it still continues to grow rapidly then these pieces will need replacing.

Peeling Paint and Paper Inside

Your signs of siding replacement aren’t always going to be outside the home. You may notice a few problems inside the house instead. If the paint on your walls is peeling or the wallpaper is loose then you should look at your siding.

High Heating Bills

Homeowners who have lived in the same place for several years are often aware of what their average heating bills look like. When you start noticing higher heating bills than usual it could be an indication that your siding needs replacing. Your siding helps to keep the cold air and wind from seeping into your home. All boards should be kept up if you hope for them to work as intended. This is especially important if there are any holes or damaged sections.

Look out for the signs that your siding needs replacing and you’ll be able to tell sooner that this home improvement project should get started. Letting your siding get peeled, cracked, damaged, and defective and never replacing it can decrease your home’s value and quickly cause it to lose its curb appeal. Keep your siding looking good and replace it as necessary for a better quality home.

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