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Homeowners Insurance: What’s Covered and What’s Not
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When an individual is shopping for the best insurance policy, they are taking one of the most important steps when buying a new or used home. Homeowners insurance protects the homeowner’s personal property and of course, the house itself. Depending on the location, it’s required by mortgage companies before they could even give anyone a loan for a home.

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance where a company covers a private residence. It usually involves a monthly payment or a yearly fee. Furthermore, homeowner’s insurance usually provides the customer with financial protection against natural disasters depending on the location and policy plan. There’s also a standard policy where an insurance company can replace furniture, appliances and other amenities if damages occur to the residence. Another great thing about home insurance is some insurance plans offer their clients with a combined auto insurance plan.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Anything could happen to a home, like water and flood damages for example or snow damage, and even fire damages can occur. Mother Nature could throw a curveball and deal additional damage without warning, and it’s usually unpredictable. This is why most homeowners choose to have homeowner’s insurance. Having insurance can help get back losses from their home depending on the damages that were made versus the insurance policy. This could also include damages that occur at the home while in the hands of the homeowner. However, as mentioned, this varies depending on the insurance plan.

Costs Of Homeowners Insurance

The average cost of homeowners insurance can vary depending on the insurance plan, location, state, and structure of the home itself. The rough estimated average cost for insurance on a home is usually around $1,200 for the whole year.

Why does insurance vary depending on location?

Insurance can vary depending on the location and here’s an excellent example to explain why, if a state or location is surrounded by high populated cities it’s more than likely the homeowner will be paying higher premiums. This is because a home near a highly populated city is generally worth more than homes that are not. Another example is homes that are located within high reported incidences of natural disasters caused by mother nature. Here’s a great way to think about it, Ohio has occasional tornadoes while Florida is more prone to flooding and water damage from hurricanes. However, this could all depend on the structure of the home and location. If an individual purchased a home in Florida and they live on the coast, they will be paying for a higher policy plan. On the flip-side, if a homeowner resides within central Florida where they are more inland than the insurance is generally lower. In conclusion, the price can vary depending on the insurance policy, state, mother nature, location, population, the of the home and common occurrences of reported incidences. Additionally, insurance premiums and plans can vary depending on the age and possible rebuild the value of the home.

What Doesn’t Home Insurance Cover?

Homeowner insurance can cover a lot, bare minimal and sometimes even almost everything. This all depends on the insurance company and it’s policy restrictions. The policy restrictions can vary from the insurance plan itself and the age of the home and homeowner. The only time where an insurance company won’t comply with the covering of an individual’s assets is when there’s a situation that doesn’t come up to par within the policy plan itself.

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